Self Evaluation Test for Needing a Cataract Surgeon in Jacksonville or Nocatee, FL

Cataract Self Evaluation Test
How interested are you in seeing at a distance, driving or playing golf without glasses after your cataract surgery?
Are you interested in seeing well up close (reading) without glasses after your cataract surgery?
If you had to wear glasses after your vision treatment for one of the following activities, which one would you most be willing to wear glasses for?
If you could have good vision for driving during the day without glasses, and good near vision without glasses in most situations, would you be able to tolerate some halos and glare around lights at night
If you could have good distance vision day and night, and good vision for computer work, without glasses, would you be willing to wear glasses for reading fine print and small type?
In our daily lives there are different things we do that require us to SEE at different distances. We have grouped some of these vision activities into 5 lifestyle zones. Think about the things in life you want to do the most without depending on glasses after cataract surgery. Which group is the most important
Consider your personality. Based on the options scale below how would you rank your personality?

Thank you Dr. Barnhorst and staff for a successful surgery. You and your staff did very well in answering all questions and concerns regarding LASIK. Surgery went smoothly. NO PAIN!! All of you made me feel comfortable by explaining procedures and assuring me at all times. Being able to play with my children without depending on glasses or contacts has been wonderful. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. Thanks again to you and your staff.
D. Harrell
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